Ghost Lodge


Granity's Butcher Shop

The Butchers was established in 1894 by Mr W. E. Guy who had run the butchers in Denniston previously. It was then owned by Mr Austin in 1901 and became Austin and Friends when Mr Friend entered partnership with him in 1905.

The building went through various changes before its final modernisation. During renovations an old order book was found dating back to 1899, recording its regular clientele. Recycled doors and timber were used throughout the Lodge to maintain its bygone feeling of substance and quality.

1899 order book from butcher

Found in the walls during modernisation

Old butcher's order book, Granity

Butcher's order book

Granity Butchers, 1905

Granity Butchers approx 1905

" Granity is on the sea beach, eighteen miles to the northward of Westport, on the Government railway. It is in the North Waratea riding of the county of Buller, in the electoral district of Buller, and in the provincial district of Nelson.

Sawmilling is carried on at Granity, but it is noted chiefly as a place for loading coal from Millerton, about two miles distant. The coal is conveyed by a horse track through the bush and by an incline, down which it rolls to the bins, whence the railway trucks are loaded.

There is a public school near the settlement on the north side, and the churches are Anglican and Primitive Methodist, in charge, respectively, of a licensed lay preacher and a minister.

The extensive engineering works of the Westport Coal Company, in connection with the Millerton colliery, are located at Granity. From these works electric light is supplied to the Company's offices in the township, to the local churches, the Masonic Hall, and the Public Library and reading room; and it is said that the Company supplies free light to these institutions.

Granity has a resident medical officer, whose services are retained by the Millerton Medical Accident and Relief Association; and a surgery has been erected by the Coal Company at both Millerton and Granity for the benefit of the residents.

The splendid forest, which extends from the base to the summit of the range of hills near Granity, forms a picturesque background from the sea.

In addition to the Coal Company's buildings, there are two hotels, several stores, and a considerable number of pretty residences in the township.

At the census of 1901 the population of the settlement was 366."